Fertilization and Weed Control

Precision Lawn Care, LLC. offers a five step program that is applied by a licensed, trained chemical applicator. This program promotes green color, foliage growth and root development.  It improves the overall health of the lawn, which crowds out weeds, fends of pests and definitely improves curb appeal.  In addition to sunlight and water, grass needs to absorb nutrients from the soil to carry out photosynthesis.

Most yards are deficient in at least one of a dozen elements in the earth. We offer crabgrass pre-emergent, broadleaf weed control, grassy weed control as needed, special blends of fertilizer with every round, grub control and pest control as needed to name a few.  The products we use are of professional grade and are applied safely and effectively to produce the healthiest and greenest lawns.  Technicians are trained individually and certified and licensed by the State of Iowa Department of Agriculture. Please contact us for a free estimate to begin enjoying a healthy lawn!

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