Mowing and Trimming

Proper mowing techniques are vital to maintaining a healthy, sustainable lawn.  It is essential to the health and density of the turf.  Mowing can also affect water quality. A healthy turf can help reduce the number of pests and weeds. A healthy turf also prevents soil erosion. Precision Lawn Care technicians are trained to mow at proper heights based on growth rate, weather conditions and cultural practices.  The height of the turf will vary between 2.75” and 3.75” depending on the type of grass and time of season.  The general rule is not remove more than 1/3 of the total leaf surface.

Our technicians are also trained to mow in alternate patterns or direction to reduce wear patterns and to stripe the lawn beautifully. Mower blades are sharpened daily to maintain a crisp, precise cut.  Please contact us for a free estimate to experience Precision Lawn Care’s impressive mowing services.

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